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Sometimes the only thing that can satisfy that greasy food craving is a big, full plate of hot wings! And if you want the best wings in Kenosha, you’ve come to the right place! DeRango’s tasty wings will make you happy and full — those are interchangeable terms, right? 🙂

We’re all about variety here at DeRango’s. To start, choose from nine different flavors and let us know how many bone-in and how many boneless. Doesn’t matter if your circle is small or big, we’ll feed them all!

We offer 10 count and 40 count baskets. Can’t wait for you to try some of the best wings in Kenosha!

You won’t believe the delicious authentic italian food on our menu in addition to some of the best wings in Kenosha! Pizza for every occasion no matter the size (They don’t call us, “The Pizza King” for nothing!), Italian specialties to die for — the list goes on! Come on in and see (or, taste) for yourself.

Dine in for our daily specials or if you can’t make it in, give us a call for your hot wings delivery!

Is your birthday coming up? Take a look at our Birthday Club for a free treat when you stop in on your special day!


Whether you are here for classic Italian dishes or the best hot wings in Kenosha, we are the restaurant for you!

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